Cover Poster - Wildguns ©Gameforge AG

Technotaar - Heroes Call ©Gameforge AG

Landscape - Bitefight ©Gameforge AG

Cover Poster - Wildguns ©Gameforge AG

Pict warrior - Gladiatus ©Gameforge AG

Landscape - Bitefight ©Gameforge AG

Clegane Brothers - Personal Illustration

Landscape - Bitefight ©Gameforge AG

Wendigo - Battle Knight ©Gameforge AG

Wanderer - 4Story ©Gameforge AG

Beric - Personal Illustration

Evil legendary fairy - Battle Knight ©Gameforge AG

Siege - Battle Knight ©Gameforge AG

Gladiatrix - Gladiatus ©Gameforge AG

Pict war chariot - Gladiatus ©Gameforge AG

Auctionator - Gladiatus ©Gameforge AG

Brienne & Kingslayer - Personal Illustration

Personal Landscape

Story Comic

Comic Bag Illustration - Ultimate Guard ©HEO

What others think of me as an Illustrator

"It's been 13 years of cooperation in which any order has been fulfilled speedily and in high quality. It is always a pleasure to see such an amount of talent and ambition in action."
-Ralf Angerbauer.
CEO, ToBringAlive UG
"Miguel is a great artist and I loved to work with him. Besides of being a really nice guy, he’s also very professional and inspired the complete development team with his idea and designs. I would gladly work with him again"
-Thomas Friedmann.
Studio Director, Innogames
"Miguel is a very talented artist and consistently produces high quality work. He's a really nice guy and understands how to work professionally without airs and graces"
-Adrian Alonso,
Creative Director, Heo GmbH
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