Concept Design Portfolio

Concept art is a form of illustration used to convey an idea for use in films, video games, animation, comic books, or other media before it is put into the final product. Concept art usually refers to world-building artwork used to inspire the development of media products, and is not the same as visual development art or concept design, though all three are often confused.

Concept art is developed through several iterations. Multiple solutions are explored before settling on the final design. Concept art is not only used to develop the work, but also to show the project’s progress to directors, clients and investors. Once the development of the work is complete, concept art may be reworked and used for advertising materials.

A concept artist is an individual who generates a visual design for an item, character, or area that does not yet exist. This includes, but is not limited to, film production, animation production and more recently video game production. A concept artist may be required for nothing more than preliminary artwork, or may be required to be part of a creative team until a project reaches fruition. While it is necessary to have the skills of a fine artist, a concept artist must also be able to work to strict deadlines in the capacity of a graphic designer. Interpretation of ideas and how they are realised is where the concept artist’s individual creativity is most evident, as subject matter is often beyond their control.
Term of concept art is base on reference to preproduction design is ambiguous at best, but it may have come about as part of automotive design or as part of the animation industry. Certainly, both industries had need for people who did this job even if the term had not come into use.

The concept artist develops the visual look for a film or game.
That includes design, lighting, cinematography, set decoration, costumes.

These concepts are used not only by the designers to visualize their ideas, but also modelers and animators to create the surfaces, textures, skins and movements of the characters and environments of the game. 

Concept art is design for the real thing, while illustration is part of the final product. Concept art is used as a starting point for sets, backgrounds, characters, props, but might very well be invisible in the final product.

Concept artists create visual images of ideas for use in areas such as animation, comic book illustration, gaming, advertising, print, and many others. Concept artists work with other art departments to ensure that the right visual style is reflected in each part of the project.

As a concept artist, your foundations revolve around your drawing and painting ability, your knowledge of composition, light and color, your ability to tell a story, and draw character’s environments. These are all vital skill sets that we need to develop in order to communicate or visualize imagery in a clear, effective and cool manner.

The main task of an environment concept artist is to conceptualise, design and execute a believable world for characters to live in. But the success of these environment concepts doesn’t rely solely on the drafting skill level of the artist – it’s the whole package that makes the final product work effectively. 

Visual development is simply the visual evolution from an idea to the final product. So it’s crucial that the development of the artworks occur in this order: concept, design, technique. Technique alone is not the key to the success of the artwork.

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