I am a concept designer with a traditional background

I am an experienced concept artist and character designer. As an artist working in the entertainment industry, I am aware of the importance of high quality art under tight schedules as well as being able to change styles on the fly.
My areas of expertise include: Illustration, Concept Design, Character Design, Rapid Sketching, Storyboard, Art Direction and 3D Modelling.


A few words about me

I was born in Seville, Spain.

In my early childhood I started to feel inspired by many masters of painting like Velázquez, Da Vinci or Rembrandt.
Later on, other geniuses such as Moebius, Frazetta or Windsor-Smith, revealed a whole new artistic world to me.

My sources of inspiration lie in everything worth a look and a thought, whereas I feel particularly drawn to books, comics and films. The Middle Ages, Mythology and Science Fiction rank among my favorite genres.
In 1992 I graduated at the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Seville.

Since then I have worked in different multimedia companies in Spain and videogames companies Germany. Occasionally I have also done some freelance work in the entertainment industry. My jobs have ranged from graphic designer, 3D modeller to illustrator and concept-artist.
Currently I am working in Germany as a freelance concept designer and illustrator.
My profession is my passion and I have made it a personal matter to bring others close to accomplishing their artistic aspiration.


What others think of me

"Miguel is a great artist and I loved to work with him. Besides of being a really nice guy, he’s also very professional and inspired the complete development team with his idea and designs. I would gladly work with him again"

-Thomas Friedmann. Studio Director, Innogames

"It's been 13 years of cooperation in which any order has been fulfilled speedily and in high quality. It is always a pleasure to see such an amount of talent and ambition in action."

-Ralf Angerbauer. CEO, ToBringAlive UG

"Miguel is a very talented artist and consistently produces high quality work. He's a really nice guy and understands how to work professionally without airs and graces"

-Adrian Alonso, Creative Director, Heo GmbH