About Miguel Ligero

I am a concept designer with a traditional background

I am an experienced concept artist and character designer. As an artist working in the entertainment industry, I am aware of the importance of high quality art under tight schedules as well as being able to change styles on the fly.
My areas of expertise include: Illustration, Concept Design, Character Design, Rapid Sketching, Storyboard, Art Direction and 3D Modelling.

A few words about me

I was born in Seville, Spain.

In my early childhood I started to feel inspired by many masters of painting like Velázquez, Da Vinci or Rembrandt.

Later on, other geniuses such as Moebius, Frazetta or Windsor-Smith, revealed a whole new artistic world to me, and I graduated at the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Seville.

My sources of inspiration lie in everything worth a look and a thought, whereas I feel particularly drawn to books, comics and films. The Middle Ages, Mythology and Science Fiction rank among my favorite genres.

Since then I have worked in different multimedia companies in Spain and videogames companies in Germany. I have also done some freelance work in the entertainment industry. My jobs have ranged from graphic designer, 3D modeller, storyboarder to illustrator and concept artist.

Currently I am working in Spain as a freelance concept artist and illustrator.

My profession is my passion and I have made it a personal matter to bring others close to accomplishing their artistic aspiration.

Hobbies and interests

I love cinema and storytelling, and I am always studying every scene of a film that is especially engaging. In a lot of films every frame is a painting! You can learn a lot by analyzing each scene and how it is constructed, its composition, the choice of colors, the atmosphere, etc.

The film directors that impacted me the most are Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, David Lynch, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.

I read comics since I was a kid and that’s one of the reasons why I decided to dedicate myself to commercial art. Apart from the unrepeatable Moebius, my influences in this field are too many to name them all, but it’s worth mentioning Mike Mignola, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Grzegorz Rosinski, Iain McCaig or Katsuhiro Otomo.

I enjoy reading books about history, psychology, science fiction, novels and anything that can constantly bring me knowledge and understand the world and myself from many perspectives. It is essential to maintain a creative spirit.

When I’m not working, I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing sports whenever I get the chance. Soccer and volleyball are my favorites.

I also love traveling and discovering new places, and trying all kinds of local cuisine. I like to cook and trying new recipes. I am always open to new ideas and constantly learning, and that’s something I know I will never stop doing!


Email: contact@miguel-ligero.com

Phone: + 34 690 941 488

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